James M Sutter
Bogus Academic, Fraudulent Combat Medals Claimant, Navy Seal imposter



Jim Sutter in a Jr. Navy ROTC uniform, he claimed he was "home on leave" this was posted to "prove" he was in the Navy.  The Navy says he was asked to leave after eight months

pathetic, a pic of a man sutter pretended was him






A picture Sutter has on his AOL page claiming this was him.

Goofy young Sutter



What Sutter really looked like as a young man


fake priest

This picture was taken a few years after he claimed to be wheelchair ridden He is now claiming to be a Baptist minister but at one time he made the claim to be a "Catholic Minister"

Jumbo Jim

This picture of himself he put up a few years ago, it is the  more recent picture, note his jumbo proportions


Phony pity me photo


The "pity me" picture Sutter put up to get sympathy when his lies and frauds we exposed.  Sutter's health problems are related to his extreme obesity.

Reverend Jim Sutter - The Con Artist behind "Chasing Evil"

Exposing "Reverend" James M Sutter

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